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School Counseling
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Belief Statement:
The White Pine School Counselors believe: 
  • All students have a right to a feeling of dignity and self-worth;
  • All students can achieve social and emotional, academic, and career success when given appropriate and timely support and interventions as well as rigorous and relevant instruction;
  • All students' ethnic, cultural, racial, gender, or economic differences, and special needs should be recognized and respected throughout the implementation of the school counseling program;
  • All students will have equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program delivered by a certified school counselor;
  • The school counselors will use data to design, implement, evaluate, and continuously improve the comprehensive school counseling program;
  • The school counselors will collaborate with students, families, stakeholders, and community partners to meet student needs, and
  • The school counselors will abide by the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors. 


Mission Statement:

     The mission of the White Pine School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program addressing the academic, career, and social/emotional development that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners.


Vision Statement:

     The vision of the White Pine School Counseling Program is to provide support and knowledge for all students and to empower them on their journey to become caring, productive, and outstanding citizens. 




Thank you for visiting the White Pine School Counseling website.  All students have access to the school counselor. As counselors, we assist with personal & social issues, academic concerns, & career exploration.  
"How do I see my counselor?"  Always check in with your teacher before going to the counseling office. If the counselor is unavailable, please leave a note outside of the counselor's office. Your school counselor will see you as soon as possible.
"Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden." Unknown.