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White Pine Soccer Club

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White Pine Soccer Club 

As of 2019, we will be a part of the Smoky Mountain Soccer League ( ) Refer to their website for schedule information once it is made available.

Note to Parents and Players

·   The goal of this program is player development, as well as community and character building.

·   Sitting the bench, or being a reserve player is not a negative concept. It’s motivational.

·   While all players will work hard to improve, all players will not play equal time during games.

·   The ‘best’ player isn’t guaranteed anything, including playing time. Everyone earns their place.

·   Your child is wonderful, but not special. On this team they are part of a whole, and will work together.

·   Support your kids and the whole team. Please don’t live your life vicariously through them.

·   Get to know the families around you at games and practices. We might need each other one day.