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Read To Be Camp at Dandridge Elementary
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Monday, June 05, 2017
Read to Be Campers!
Read to Be Campers!
At Dandridge Elementary students are reading to be! Find out what that means!

Dandridge Elementary School received a Read to Be Read Grant for a summer reading camp (or "fun school" as the kids are calling it!)  There are 45 campers participating in the four week program.  Each week has a theme to go with the overall theme of "Read to Be."  During week one, it's Read to Be a Traveler.  Week two is Read to Be an Artist.  Week three is Read to Be a Worker, and week four is Read to Be an Animal Lover.  Carson Newman practicum students are joining throughout the month to study and participate in best practices for teaching reading.   With the teacher to student ratio of 1 to 5, students are getting individualized attention along with lots and lots of reading, writing, conversations about books, and sharing!  There are also several field trips planned!  These lucky readers will be taking home tons of books for their own collection.  Congratulations to DES!