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Growing Readers at Rush Strong School
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Hands on experiences make the best kind of learning!
Hands on experiences make the best kind of learning!
At Rush Strong School this summer, they are growing readers! Follow the link to read more.


The students at "Growing Readers" camp at Rush Strong School are busy reading and learning about plants, planting, insects, weather, healthy living and more!  They are working in their outdoor classroom in the garden everyday.  There are plans to use the garden at the school for community outreach.  On Thursdays in June, they are already reaching out to families about reading with their children and living a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of camp, it will be harvest time.  Campers will be taking a trip to Panther Creek for a hike.  Excitingly, they will be grilling their own pizzas there.  Guess where the zucchini and onion toppings will come from?  That's right!  The will be bringing the vegetables from their garden with them to serve as pizza toppings.


 Reading in tents with flashlights makes the experience even better!


Letter stamps for playdough for playing with words!



What a neat spot for reading!



Healthy and delicious!