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New Lunch Room Charging Policy
Posted On:
Tuesday, January 09, 2018
School Lunch
School Lunch

Dear Parent or Guardian,


Jefferson County Schools have updated their charge policy for meals purchased in the cafeteria. This update is due to USDA and state rules and regulations.


The charge policy is as follows:


Policy 3.5


Students who are unable to pay for their meals at the time of service are allowed to charge Breakfast and Lunch. Students charging breakfast and/or lunch will receive a reimbursable meal up to a maximum of five days. No A La Cart purchases are allowed if students have meal charges.


Charging Procedures:

First step: Household notification letter of charges will be sent home with the student after three (3) 15 days of charges.


Second step: If a student reaches five (5) days of charges a second letter will be sent home with the student and the cafeteria manager will make contact with the parent or guardian if phone numbers are active. The cafeteria manager will give the principal notification of the contact.


Third step: If a student does not pay their five days of charges on the sixth day an alternative meal will be given to the student and charged to their account. The alternative meal will consist of a sandwich and milk for lunch. The alternative meal for breakfast will consist of one cereal and milk. Cost of the alternative meals will be determined annually based on food cost. The principal or his designee will make contact with the household in writing or by telephone.


Adults are not allowed to charge.


Parents are allowed to pay ahead on accounts at any time by paying the school cafeteria directly or using the “My payments plus” system on the internet located at:

You will need to know your students ID number to register to use this system. You may also use it to not only pay for meals but just for information of how much your students have on their account and account history of purchases.


If you feel you qualify for Free/Reduced meals please fill out an application and turn it in. You may get a form at your schools office. If you have questions about filling out a Free/Reduced form please call the nutrition office at 865-397-3945 and we will be glad to help you.

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