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DeAnna Cook Staff Photo

Home grown White Pine and Jefferson County product.  Attended White Pine School, both the old and new school, Jefferson County High School, and Carson-Newman College (University)


Piedmont Elementary - 5 years - Physical Education/ Music/ 4th grade

White Pine School - 5 years - 5th grade


I am a simple person with simple philosophies:  treat everyone with courtesy, respect, and kindness.  A few things I believe:

1.  I believe in the power of positive thinking and positive words

2.  I believe that everyone has potential inside of them that they may not know exist - I will push to find that.

3.  I believe everyone has a voice.

4.  I believe that I am in the profession that fits my personality perfectly.

5.  I believe in a relaxed atmosphere of learning with hands-on learning tools and cooperative learning.