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Supply List 

Seventh Grade 

$ 15.00 School Fee (cash or check written to White Pine School)

$ 5.00 Locks for lockers must be purchased through the school. Locks are suggested but not mandatory.


Classroom Supplies


Notebook paper


Colored pencils

Red pens for grading




1.5 inch binder

5 tab dividers 

TI30XIIS OR TI34 Multi view calculator is suggested (around $13 to $18) and should be labeled with the student's name in permanent marker. Calculators are available for "in school" use but may not be taken home. It is to the students's benefit to use the same calculator all year long and on end-of-year state testing.

Graph Paper (quad rule)



1 inch binder 

tab dividers

composition notebook



1 pack of 25 count manila folders

tab dividers

2 inch binder


Social Studies:

2' binder

tab dividers

glue sticks


Teachers Wish List

Kleenex, Clorox wipes