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Supply List 

Fifth Grade List

$15.00 School Fee (cash or check written to White Pine School)

1 - 1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder

1 pencil pouch with holes and a zipper for the binder

3 packs - loose leaf notebook paper, wide or college ruled

2 composition notebooks (no spiral notebooks)

2 packs - colored pencils

2 glue sticks

1 pair scissors

pencils, any style - lead or regular

4 dry erase markers

2 red pens

Clorox wipes

3 boxes of tissue

Students may wish to purchase a set of head phones for use in the school computer lab. Please write the student's name on the head phones with a permanent marker and place them in a zip-top bag with the student's name on it. 


Teachers Wish List

Post It Notes, Band-Aids, Hand Sanitizer