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Supply List 

Eighth Grade

$15.00 Schools (cash or check written to White Pine School)


Classroom Supplies

notebook paper


colored pencils


4 - one inch three ring binder (LA, Math, Science, SS)

2 - composition books (SS, Science)

2 - packages of 5 tab dividers (Math, LA)


Teachers Wish List

Kleenex - We need several boxes of tissues throughout the year!  We are happy to store them.

hand sanitizer

1 cm graph paper  (1 pack)



A calculators (TI-34 Multiview) is provided for students to use at school. Purchasing a calculator for home use is not a requirement but may prove helpful with homework assignments. The same model can be purchased at Wal Mart, Office Max, or Staples for around $15.00.


Locks may only be purchased at school for $5.00.